Thursday 27 April 2017

Creative Resistance Remedy ~ A Deeply Honest Post


In 2016 I was about to shut 'Jennibellie' down. Close Journal Workshops. Cut my Social Media. Delete this blog. Remove myself from the internet, totally. I was ready to SHUT. IT. DOWN. due to living under the crushing weight of constant resistance. I did speak of this a little at the time on here, with such blogposts as this one, but never sharing the true extent of my anguish.

I had gotten to the point where creativity was not only no longer fun for me, but actually painful. Although 2016 was the pinnacle, where I woke up every day with a black cloud over my head of what I was still not creating, it had taken some time to lead up to that point. It is from the struggle of these years where I discovered through the hard way of traveling out of the darkness back into the light of enjoying creativity again that I have created something wonderful: The Creative Resistance Remedy Workshop.

I never could have imagined during the worst times of my resistance that something good could ever come from it, but it has. This workshop is the genuine stuff it takes to never allow resistance to hold you back from creating that which you want to create again, learnt the hard way, and I offer it to you.

Here is a little video that shares a bit more of the workshop:

I created this workshop because I see too many creatives not achieving their potential due to fear. 
If you are sick & tired of being someone in this category then click here to read more and see if you want to be a part of this workshop: 

We are here on this planet only once. 
We are here to achieve our full potential... 
We Are Here to Create!

Hope you come join us... I can't wait to see what you create!
Much love

PS The workshop currently has an Early Bird Special Price (I like to reward my immediate 'YES' peeps) - get in now and save 1/3rd before it goes up to the regular price!

PPS This workshop is only for creatives who are serious about making their creativity more important than their resistance and are ready to create their projects already

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  1. Jennibellie, you are a precious soul. Thank you for making me feel better about my current state of creative stasis. I reread all the linked posts pertaining to this conundrum. I look forward to a shift in my current state.i look forward to finishing my current class with you Rock Your Online you!


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