Wednesday 1 March 2017

An Art Journal Page to Make You Smile [Video]

Hey lovely

I have a new video for you today.

I hardly ever post here what I’m doing elsewhere anymore, I soooo need to get back with that…so, I'm starting with this post ----- I have just posted the new Monthly Art Challenge Video:

The Monthly Challenge is a free group I host on Journal Workshops, a monthly art date for us to come together and stretch our art/journaling comfort zone.

If you are not yet a part of this Group, come & join over 5000 creative comrades there for free, plus get monthly art vids from me! If you are already a member of Journal Workshops you can join by clicking the 'Join' button here: If you are not yet a member you can join my art community for free here:

Come join in our new challenge now:

Much love


How To Join Groups & Classes on Journal Workshops:

1. Go to the Groups section of the site or click here: & click on the group or class you wish to join. If you are not a member yet you will need to join my art community first (it's quick and free) here:

2. On the top right of that page there will always be some version of a ‘Join’ button. If you are joining a f*ee class or group you will instantly get access to your chosen space as soon as you click 'Join' button, without any delay whatsoever =) On a paid class or group once you click the ‘Join’ button you’ll see a ‘Premium Content’ pop up message where you can input your payment details, but again this process is pretty instant and once done you will receive immediate access to your classroom.

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