Saturday 3 December 2016

Video: 9 Tips for Using Your Yearly Workbooks & Creative Goal Planning Chat

Hi Love

Yesterday was the final day of my daily blogging week but as there was a bit of 2016/7 creative goal talk throughout it I wanted to share this post to round off the week nicely. 

The video in this post I shared a few days ago with my newsletter crew. Each month for them (and usually for them only, except for this time of course) I create an exclusive video answering their questions; sometimes it's a practical tutorial, a show and tell with supplies, other times it's a coffee chat. 

This one was a chat which I loved because if you know me, I could talk about creative plans, projects, dreams and goals and how to navigate them FOREVER! It's totally one of my fav subjects.

Hope you enjoy:

These are the workbooks we will be discussing:

 but you do not have to have these specifically to enjoy the video - you can have any planner, none or a blank notebook, but it is a great time to get them if you want the 2017 bundle!

Here are the 9 Tips for using Your Workbooks condensed:

1) You don’t have to fill out every section
2) Practicality - how much can you really do this year?
3) See it as a dream planner - nothing is set in stone.
4) Make sections that don’t already exist – customise
5) Use colourful pens, markers and stickers etc - make it fun
6) Keep dates in your diary to refer back to your workbook
7) Break goals down into weekly/monthly deadlines
8) Create an accountability support structure (you can join my free new 'Maker's Meet-Up' Group here:
9) Don’t stress – it’s here to support you, not pressure you!

PS Sorry about the audio on this video – the microphone went haywire, I did the best I could to retrieve it.

If you want help with your creative plans check out my class ‘Creative Goal Journaling’, it contains nine incredibly condensed modules of tools, processes & journaling tricks to bring your goal into being:

My newest class that I mention in the video ‘Rock Your Online Shop’ is out now! Created especially for artists and owners of handmade goods shops to make money from their creative skills sustainably and enjoyably, for more info check out (HALF PRICE UNTIL MONDAY ONLY!): 

Whatever kind of planning you are doing for the new year I hope you have fun,
much love

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