Tuesday 5 July 2016

Tough Times, Choose Art

I’m going through a tough time (peeps that have seen the Monthly Challenge video will already know this) so I’m consciously making an effort to keep up creating art consistently, especially in those times when I feel upset/bad/confused and so find it difficult to reach for art despite knowing I will feel better for it. 

It can be easy to slip during such times, to make up (extremely plausible sounding) excuses and let your art go. 

I’m having to fight all that daily and choose art anyway because if you are a creative person it is SO IMPORTANT to give yourself this comfort/release/support/exploration/self care so that you can face the world and be the wholest version of yourself that you can possibly be in that moment in time, for yourself and others (not just for others!)…even if that means having to force yourself into it.

Art Journal Summer School started a few days ago, I’m so grateful for this because classes and groups are great guideline, a great place for this conscious effort to go. I’m going to be joining the other 500+ peeps in this class and go through the first weeks lessons tomorrow evening, if you want to join us the link is below or if you want a free ‘guideline’ then the link to my art communitys Monthly Challenge is also below. 

I’m hoping you’re living better times than I am right now but if not I know through this experience to urge you to pleeeease ensure you keep up your art…when no amount of love nor money might be able to help what is happening to you A*R*T STILL CAN. 
Choose Art

Art Journal Summer School -
July Monthly Challenge -

Love, always


  1. I'm in a bad season myself, so I send you love and prayers, along with thanks for the important reminder!

  2. Jennibellie so sorry you are going through some difficult things. I have moods where I don't feel inspired to create and I can understand how you feel. We are all here to help get you through with art like you say. Thanks for all that you do for our online community!

  3. I beleive all artist have a time like this. Either just tjey are out of inspiration, or because of circumstances. Anyway, i've always said...thats a moment for the person to reconnect with other things. You'll be back stronger! Take care! Love and good vibes from Florida, USA!

  4. I'm so sorry for your loss, Jennie. I really need to work in my art journal this weekend. I've been going through a very rough period myself. I lost my brother to cancer in May, and my dog (a.k.a. my third child) less than a month after. I'm still grieving both of them, and I cry every day. We recently adopted a rescue puppy, and he is bringing much happiness into our lives. I'm so glad your dog is doing well. Be well.

  5. Sorry to hear you are going through a rough time .. Sending hugs & I so agree that it's important to use art & me time to help ourselves through these times xx

  6. I hope you are doing better. I find your words interesting, as I can relate to them. I have watched a few of your YouTube vids and I truly hope you are getting back to feeling better. Art heals and helps when other earthly stuff has no value.


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