Sunday, 22 May 2016

How to Start Being Creative

Hello Lovely

Quick video message this week, but an important one. You ARE the chosen one!

What, where or how are you needing to give yourself permission??

Leave a comment below if you wish to show up and share, hold yourself accountable to that which you need to give yourself permission to do or just be seen (I read every comment so your affirmation will be heard and held!)

Much love


  1. Hi Jenni! Thank you so much for the work you do for us - honestly, I wouldn't be doing what I'm doing if I hadn't found your YouTube videos. I completely agree that You have to give You permission to create, but that can be so hard to do! It shouldn't be, but it often is. Anyway, thanks for all you do!

  2. I found it hard at first to keep up a regular art practice as I thought I wasn't good enough. I kept on though with my social worker and your lovely prompting.Now I am proud to say Iam an intermediate artist and I do something creative every day. Thank you for the guidance Jenni both you and Tamara Laporte have led me by the hand into the amazing world of art. Vicky R

  3. Hi Jenny, You may like to see my latest blog post - it is as though you were reading my mind! Thank you for the positive affirmation. It has come at just the right time. x

  4. I'm 60 ,unemployed with a lot of health problems. I used to teach craft classes to adults with learning dificulties, but I have always struggled to make opportunitunies to be creative for myself. It doesn't help that my husband has been retired for the past 15years and complains if I "waste " my time and money on crafting. It has quite stifled my creativity.

  5. Wow, your message has just come at a time when I have spent the past 2 weeks pondering this and - particularly the past 5 days in New York - continually being asked "So, what do you do?" And whilst I want to claim it, there has been resistance from inside to clearly state, "I am an artist". So thankyou for your well-timed message. I am giving myself permission to create and, further, to be FEARLESS and to claim this title for myself and I encourage others to do the same! Do the work, learn further skills, sell your art....whatever it is you need to do in order to help you on that road so that you can claim that title. But know, others who have a passion for something don't wait to clearly answer that question, they say with joy, "I'm a skier!... I'm a gardener!... I'm a wooden spoon maker!..." Etc, etc. Claim your passion. Create! Let your light shine!

  6. That voice in our heads! I am trying to acknowledge and thank it for trying to protect me, and then move on to create.

    "Thank you for having my back and looking out for me so I don't fall on my face, embarass myself or fail. But I've got this one." : )

    And thank you for your exquiste message, Jenni.


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