Friday 8 April 2016

Current In Progress Mixed Media Art Journal Pages

Hello (my how beautiful you are!)

Back to a proper 'weekly ramble' format this week, meaning this post is a quick snapshot of where my creativity is at & view of in progress stuff rather than any completed things.

My creativity has been going crazy the past week, but most especially the past 48 hours. I literally got zero sleep last night; ideas kept jumping, twisting and turning through my brain, I barely put my light out long enough for my eyes to notice let alone close. I am running on fumes today but I think it's gonna be worth it I have FINALLY found the structure(s) I want to create the Daily Rituals Class in (a class I have been trying to mould, shape and create for what feels like forever, all about about creating a daily creative journaling practice that supports you). So today I took my Ideas Journal to my outdoor studio and had a loooong Planning Session (a concept for creating I share in my Creative Goal Journaling Class) to form the Classes that will be (hopefully, with a bit of work) be coming soon...

The other main area my creativity has been channelled the past few days is journal pages.

Here's some in progress ones: 

Puppy dog needs some more layers and pen work I think

This is a 5 min collage I think I'm gonna leave as is, and do some more of these, very freeing

Here's some progress shots of a now finished one:

So that's the snapshot of my creative week. 
How has yours been? Share in the comments below, I'd love to hear (I read every one!) 

Have a great weekend
Much love

PS don't forget to check out the Monthly Art Challenge Video if you haven't already, you can find it here:


  1. I read this last week, but never commented...I so enjoy seeing what you've been up to both in your heart/head and on paper. Thanks so much for sharing it with us, it is always inspiring!

  2. Just a note to let You know I'm Your latest follower. I've watched several of Your U-tube videos and I was with You during one of Your free workshops.I can now say proudly... "I'm an artist"and it doesn't scare Me as much as it use to.I'm a student of Tams on lifebook 16. I'm going to hopefully continue to catch more of Your fun in the future. Hugs across time and space-Denise


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