Friday 25 March 2016

Finishing Your Art Journal Pages New Video Series!!

Hello my creative darling

This week I'm sharing the first in a new little video series, about taking your pages from backgrounds to complete pages. 

Each video will focus on a different theme to do with finishing your art journal pages, the first is on the art of listening to your gut, so I talk a lot about my class 'Raw Intuitive Journaling' as that is where a lot of this is from/where I mainly teach the process. You can take my Raw Intuitive Journaling Class either by going to my online art community
or you can buy it through my Etsy Shop: 

So here is the first video 'Finishing Your Art Journal Pages #1 - The Art of Listening', click on the image to watch enjoy =) 

Come back next week for the next video where we may deal with other themes to finishing your art journal pages such as the different overwhelming factors that can stop you finishing an art journal page or focusing on ways to mix written journaling and words into your art. See you there!
Weekly Ramble's are blogposts I put out on Friday just to share whatever is happening in my art world, regardless of where I'm at in a process, or in my creative flow, or my studio etc the posts are more about capturing a glimpse of the middle than they are showing the shiny finish...though sometimes the shiny finish might be just what you get!


  1. Great video. Thanks Jennibellie. I love doing raw journaling, and I love doing collage. It's so freeing.

  2. Thanks for the great video. It's fun and very helpful. I often struggle putting my backgrounds to finished journal pages.

    Xx Monica


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