Sunday 27 December 2015

Portfolio Loose Leaf Art Journal Flip & Christmas Class Craziness!!

Hi! Hope you've had a fabulous Christmas period and are still rolling around from how stuffed you are (she says as she's eating her Christmas choccies =) )

I have a new journal flip today, as I said I would after the last Loose Leaf Art Journal Flip, those of you in the Monthly Challenge Group may recognise some of these pages. 
Hope you enjoy:

I'm a bit late doing this weekly ramble as obviously Friday was Christmas day, though I suppose that doesn't matter much as Christmas Eve (I've no idea what possessed me) I opened the doors to my Brand New Class, 

Though to be honest despite the unfortunate timing it wasn't that much of a crazy decision. It hasn't taken that much to get it prepared and launched, though I'm pretty sure that's because I'm so passionate about it that the work it takes doesn't feel like work - and that's exactly what I can't wait to teach in this class; how to bring your goals into being in the most joyous, easy way possible

It is a different kind of 'creation' class. It is my most premium and comprehensive class but right now I am offering it at a Christmas Gift Price of Over 50% off: 

Click here to see all that's included in the class: 

Much love and if I don't see you before
************ Happy New Year ************

1 comment:

  1. So excited to start RAW tomorrow! Since goal setting and achievement will be so important to me in 2016, I think your new Creative Goal Journaling class will be the next slice of jennibellie brillance I will save towards!!!


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