Friday 7 November 2014

Ramble in Pictures

Hi guys
Thought I'd do Weekly Ramble in pictures this week, as I am falling asleep at the keyboard! Soooooooo my arty week has looked like this:

Return to the 'Wall Project'
(new walls were cleaned and cleared so I reappeared to cover them up again):

Sneaky Peek at the next fabulous Challenge
as hinted at in the Monthly Challenge Group:

Rearranging of my indoor art space:

And last snuggles of the year in my outdoor art space
(nooooo winter go awwwwwwayyyyyy!):

TTFN, off for a loooooong chillax before I really do fall asleep at the computer and delete this post lol, but you'll see me before next week on here, as I'll be releasing arty goodness that is the mid-month challenge I've been working on, whoop! =) laters


  1. I'm with you on the winter blues!!! Thank you so much for your continual inspiration! !!

  2. Jenny, I'm winding down my time in my glorious Sunroom Studio. Soon it'll be too chilly to be here and I'll move to my Tower Bower (upstairs spare room) for the winter. Can't wait for the mid month challenge!

  3. I love winter but I love being outdoors too!!

  4. Omg I can't wait for the video for the mid month challenge. I'm holding back the last step of my backgrounds just in case I overlap with the mystery challenge and spoil it for myself! Lol! Thanks Jennibellie for creating magic! :-)

  5. :) Great post....I'm a visual type this week's ramble was perfect! Carry on!


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