Friday 12 September 2014

Weekly Ramble ~ The Blah Factor...and what I do when I'm in it

I'm feeling so blah! this week. And like everything if I feel it in one way, I often feel it in my artwork too, so there has not been much happening but I want to share what I do do when the blaaaaaah monster strikes!

First I make some backgrounds:
...coz they're easy, and free-flowing, and always useful for the future

Next I make 'easy pages' (but only if I can be bothered!) like this one this evening...
'Easy pages' are made by choosing things to focus on that do not take much effort, processes you've done 1,000s of times before or by picking an object to paint/doodle in front of you so the guess work or the 'what do I do now?' stuff is taken out of it.

Finally I also quit when I feel so blah that I don't want to do it.
For example last night I went to bed early and watched a movie! OMG!
Last night I realised that's something I class as a major luxury, the last time I did it was because I was having a girly night in and I tend to keep it for those 'occasions', or the rare times I feel ill and want Johnny Depp/Colin Firth comfort! But not any more! It is something I could do every week (/every night even) if I wanted, and it shouldn't take other people coming over or me being ill to force me to chillax in a way that I really enjoy (who doesn't love movies?). So this is now my go to fix for the blah factor, and I'm sharing here because throughout this year I have found myself taking notice of the ways in which I might be hard on myself, sharing them here and making a conscious effort to change my behaviours and self-talk that isn't assisting me. 

I think this may make people reading think that I'm always harsh with myself or something lol I'm not, I just think it's important for each of us to recognise those areas where we are hard on ourselves and then learn ease up on our only-ever-gonna-be-lived-in-this-once-ever-selves. This year I have lifted so much stress off of myself, become so much happier (and wiser) and gentler to myself through actively listening to myself, and changing such small thinking patterns like 'movies are a luxury'. This little habit of thought is not an all singing all dancing nasty inner critic, it's just a tiny small thing that obvious lodged itself in my system somewhere but it did not become visible to me until the blah factor came in and shone a light on it. And by doing this it proved to me once again (as I have learnt a lot this year) that the "bad" thoughts/emotions are not necessarily the undesirable things we make them out to be, but are here, like the good, to teach us something. So I guess in this long section what my last thing to do in the blah factor is to recognise why it might be here in the first place (I'm tired, I'm uninspired, I haven't been taking care of myself etc etc) then learn anything we can from it (it's okay to take time out to recuperate, it's okay to focus on gathering inspiration for myself, it's okay to go to bed early and watch movies!)

So in conclusion the blah factor isn't all that bad, it's frustrating, it's confusing, it's scattering but
it sure is fun to just paint backgrounds and watch movies!


  1. "And by doing this it proved to me once again (as I have learnt a lot this year) that the "bad" thoughts/emotions are not necessarily the undesirable things we make them out to be, but are here, like the good, to teach us something." PROFOUND!
    My sister and I laugh at the things we consider "luxuries" ..for her it's a container of coleslaw from a fast food chicken joint! For me, it's a dark chocolate bar, metted out over several days. Such small things shouldn't be considered luxuries! Lots of us tend to be harsh on ourselves. Thank you Jenny for the reminder to be nice to ourselves. And the mention of Johnny Depp. Talk about NICE!!!! (crush! )

  2. Looking after yourself is not a luxury. Listen to your body and do what feels right. Once upon a time I used to ignore it when I was feeling tired and just pushed on with what I thought had to be done urgently. To then only fall apart a few days later. Now when I feel I need rest, I take rest and time out and find I recover much quicker to be able to continue with my shores and commitments again. Doing what I love more now also gives me more energy for when I have to do tasks I rather not do or don't enjoy as much. Knowing that very soon I will be able to do what I love again. Once upon a time I did not allow myself to create art till all my work was up to date. Well I found out, my work was never up to date as new work keeps coming in continuously. Now I take several art breaks during the course of the week to keep me happy and content.

  3. I hope you will feel better soon.
    Thank you for sharing. =)

  4. This is so true. We need to care first for self before we can give our energy away. Be it art, love, caring for someone, etc, etc. Love and Hugs to all ! ! !

  5. Hi Jenni
    Just a quick pop in to tell you I LOVE your blog and your tutorials. I've signed up for emails. Will check out your FB page soon. Have to finish this manuscript for my potential editor by Friday. Then I can have some play time. You can find me at Nano in a couple weeks as RainLyte
    Creative Blessings!

  6. I wonder if there was something in the creative universe going on this week. I've been struggling to write for the last few days and finally just gave myself permission to goof off, sort of like you did and today my mojo is back! Thanks for the blog which let me know I'm not alone in the struggle. It's hard to admit it.


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