Friday 9 May 2014

How I Make a Friend/Family Journal

Hi guys,
quick vloggy, vloggy, vloggy time =)

- to answer a few curious peeps here's how I make a 'regular' friend/family journal. Since I did the this vid I have added a couple more embellishments as you can see below, but it's still all very simple, stuff I already had and understated so that the recipient can turn it into any kind of journal they decide:

It's super simple, it depends on who I'm giving the journals to but usually I like to give 'clean' looking journals to non-crafty people; they still look handmade rather than store brought but are not too intimidating. But if it's to a mixed-media lover they hey I may go all out ;) 
So here's the vlog, enjoy:

And here's the Smash Book Tutorial I used to create it:

Wishing you a fabby crafty weekend


  1. Hi Jenny,
    Thanks for another tutorial. Always enjoy following all of your work and your ideas. Tried to like this on you tube but it would not allow me to. So thank you again.

  2. Thanks Jenny! Loved seeing that little baby journal -- so sweet! I know his mum and dad will love it completely just because you made it for them! So enjoyed seeing Sweepie too, honey. <3 (((Hugs))) to the both of you!


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