Saturday 15 March 2014

Quick n' Easy Projects

So I've not had much time to spend in the studio just messing around of late, all my creative time has been spent on Journal Workshops (who knew starting a Ning would be more work after it's launch than before? lol) or making up products for my shop as I've been blessed with sales this month. But last night I decided to make a few things just for me, just for the sake of it to release steam, but I still wanted them to be quick to keep me moving through creativity, no hard work going off here oh no lol so here's three quick easy projects I did:

1: Sharpie Pen Journal Page

For a super quick journal page grab a sharpie pen and be bold, draw something without preamble for the foreground first, then worry about the background after - something super quick like flowers and spatters for a background works just as well as anything else does it not? I used watersoluables like gelatos to colour - quick fast coverage, no headaches, job done =)

I also started another page, this time background first: 

For a quick background I will nearly 100% of the time head straight to my scrap paper drawer - decoupage some scraps, gesso & acrylic a little with a rag then use some acrylic inks to add splashes of colour. The longest time required here is the drying time of the inks, so I think it's always a good way spend 15mins so you can leave it overnight and next day you've a new background ready to go when you want it =)

2: Paint A Pebble

If you follow my facebook page or my vlog channel you would probably have seen that I love crystals and stones. I often just randomly collect them, so naturally I had a couple laying on the windowsill of my studio...doesn't everyone? Acrylics work fine on them, I did seal the main painted side with a spray varnish for some extra protection but given that I do love the naturalness of stones I left a hidden window in the back:

3: Scrap Paper Beads

Just the basic paper bead technique from my Epic Paper Bead Tutorial, but I still love doing these. Quick & relaxing ahhhhhhhhh I call them one of my 'lazy crafts'. And that was about all I had time for.

What about you?
What are you quick n easy projects/lazy crafts?
I'd love to know, let me know below...

Much love


  1. Great projects! I just love the painted stone! It's kind of funny. I collected some stones to do the same and today I wanted to use a stone to display my amigurumi for photo. Couldn't find the stones anymore. I know I have put them somewhere safe and now I don't remember. So it was kind of funny to see your stone on FB.
    I love the idea of the hidden window!

    Hope you keep the creativity going on!

    xx Monica

  2. I enjoy quick crafts as well. I sat down to my easel to work on a large painting today but kept getting distracted... felt pulled in the direction of quick crafts. I'm actually working on some things for your inspiration station workshop on ning! I'm painting backgrounds, making paper beads, and other fun things. what I really should be doing though is cleaning off the mountain of stuff that has collected on my art desk. I would much rather play with my art things though!! I must say that I am really enjoying your workshop! well done Lovely! xo Bunny

  3. LOVE your quick and easy journal pages ... you make it look easy, anyway. ;-) lol That STONE!!! Adore adore adore! <3 Thank you, as always, for sharing your talent! ((((hugs)))) for you and share with Sweepiebum! :)

  4. I'm afraid i'm not messing with anything easy Jennibellie no no no... I'am coaxing some yogurt cups into being more than just yogurt cups.. lol... Its been quite a job... they seem convinced they can only be yogurt cups... :) But i see bells....glorious bells...

    I had to chuckle a little when you left the little window on the back of your stone... i like to do that too... not to stones but when i make postcards or bookmarks out of cereal boxes...... i only decorate one side and leave the other side plain as a kind of nod to where it came from... Hugs! deb

  5. I made a small accordion book with chipboard covers. I stenciled a different decorative stencil outline on each page with pencil. Now when I have to wait at the doctor or to pick up kids, I have a great little book filled with shapes to doodle in - making sure I have a small nib pen in my purse is the hardest part of this.

  6. I love all three of your projects.

  7. I don't seem to be able to do quick things. I seem to be going into whole pages, whatever size that may be. I don't watch the tv so that might be the problem, lol!!! :) love your stone and it's hidden window. :) ps thanks for the Ning thing. Just love it!!!

  8. Love all your art projects! For lazy, relaxing art I sometimes do zentangling or backgrounds. Love the "window" on the stone. :)

  9. Sanja (Skyci.designs)16 March 2014 at 18:35

    Love the pebble =)
    As far as my lazy projects are concerned there are a lot of them. It usually has to do with beads whether it’s their making or glazing. There are also these acrylic pebbles with one flat side on which I like to decoupage magazine cutouts. They make great embellishments and pieces for jewelry. =)

  10. Of course you talk to stones, you're a faerie! Just in case you didn't know. (I have the gift of seeing people's soul selves!) I adore that you left the window. There is something just so tempting about painting rocks for me, too. When I want to do quick, lazy art, I use my regular writing pen, my Pentel Energel .5 to do a sketch of a face, then use watercolors to paint it in fast and sloppy. I ask her what message she has for me and write it on the page. :) I LOVE your new ning, Jennie, and I love Inspiration Station, and I can't wait to take a paid class! I love to see you expanding your beautiful light like this!

  11. I love love the background page you have ready to go for future journal pages.

  12. I just got my bead roller think I am addicted and agree it is relaxing..
    Sandy :)

  13. My Lazy craft would be crochet.. im never n a rush or a hurry to finish. LOL i can do it while watching a cooking show or a Murder mystery or something like Criminal Minds. LOL ~~~ I LOVE LOVE LOVE making Paper Beads. However i put a lot of work into mine as I design my own paper.. start out with white or even colored paper and design it how i want it... then roll, completely seal in modge podge glossy , then GLaze !!! Love Making them. Makes me happy and releases so much stress of the every day life which i try not to let bog me down. :) Drawing with INK or Fabre Castle Pitt Pens is another Love of mine. Weeeeeeeee.


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