Wednesday 4 December 2013

Offers at My Etsy Shop and an Offer for Yours

Hi guys just a heads up that I will be closing my shop on Sunday. But before that I've an early Christmas gift of 20% off everything in my shop (no minimum order) until Sunday, when I will close my shop until the new year. So if you want something as a gift please get it now using the code 'XMAS2013' during checkout.

& plenty more at the shop.

Also if you are thinking about opening your own Etsy shop but haven't taken the plunge yet Etsy have started a friend referral system that gives away free listings, to both the new shop opener and the referrer. So if you want a shop but don't want to pay for your first 40 listings, please use this link to open your shop and make both of our wallets breathe easier =)

Happy Christmas shopping & creating ;)
Much love


  1. I'm so sad that my shop is already open… I'll send folks here to your advertisement and to the views of really pretty goodies and let them decide if they're ready for the plunge. Thank you for the excellent sale, btw!

  2. OOh it's too bad I already opened a shop even though there's nothing in there yet. Thanks anyway!


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