Saturday 13 July 2013

London...and the Merit of Ditching

Today I have learnt the merits of ditching.

Card Horse Heads in Liberty''ll make more sense as the post goes on...hopefully

I also learned something about myself too. In creative terms I always thought I was rather flexible, given that I get so many ideas I have to allow many of them (and good ones too) to be cast aside so that others can see the sunshine. But what I have found out is that in actuality I am rather stubborn, and once an idea takes root in my head to become more than just an idea then it's immovable.

ya know, that Abbey Place

Much like that recent video I spent aggggges working on....before I went and ditched it. I had to finish my vision, and only once it was done did I then decide I didn't like it anymore. I guess I would have saved myself a lot of time and energy if I had decided this beforehand. If I had removed the root before it became a weed may be a rose could have blossomed instead. 

(this is a CAKE! ... yup I know, from Choccywoccydoodah in London)

However that is what I am doing now, and with an idea that has been rooted a lot longer than that discarded video. It has been so long rooted in fact that it could be an oak tree by now.The idea itself was to make a London themed/travel journal.

that place the Queen lives

The place just always meant so much to me, I felt it was right, that it was necessary even. I have waited a loooong while to create such a journal. I have even just come back from London and thought this should be the time to do it. The problem is, I'm not sure 'should' is really the right motivation for such a thing as creativity to bloom. So I'm releasing myself from this and a couple of other projects to focus on my roses. Besides I have waited years to create a London journal so I can wait a little, or a lot, longer until the journal itself becomes the rose. And if it doesn't, and the other projects too remain nothing but air...well that's fine, my garden will likely be blooming anyways.

me on Millennium Bridge,
from this point I can point out over 10 buildings I've worked in on the River Thames

So all in all I learned this about myself this week:
I have a great weakness for having to finish (practically) everything I set my mind to.

I also learned:
I have a great strength for having to finish (practically) everything I set my mind to.
...for it must be a great strength too must-ant it? 
If it wasn't there you'd never even know who I was let alone be reading my blog because nearly every creative project has a problem phase (or several) where it seems reasonable to want to ditch it, even the roses

So I guess stubbornness has it's merits too, 
as it is important to finish,
but I cannot deny that sometimes it is also important to ditch.

(10 mins of the Vlog is showing a flip of (or lack of) my London Journal, only one min is actually London bits and pieces)
Much love


  1. Wonderful post and I so get it :)

  2. Thank you so much for the inspirational vlog and blog. It is nice to hear permission to just ditch a project, not feel guilty about it and move in. Perfect timing. Love your work, sense of humor and your videos.
    Do what makes YOU happy!

  3. Good to hear your thought processes and to see you allowing yourself the option to dismiss as necessary! Enjoyed all of the vlog. :-) Also enjoyed seeing the places you saw whilst you were in London! Such history and yet the newer architecture surrounding it works well. FUN! Owie on those blisters though. :-( What a pain they can be! (((hugs))) for you and Sweepie!

  4. Totally understand your day for no reason you may be drawn back to that journal. For me it is an assemblage jewlry piece. Great idea but then the flow stops. I have learned not disassemble it because when I least expect it, I am compelled/or drawn to it again.
    Take care,

  5. How far away are you now living from London? Ditching the journal now may mean that you might want to rethink it in the future.
    We, as your followers, don't want to pry but, there may come a time when you will move back to London and then your journal will be back into the mix.
    Everyone has got to do what makes them happy.

  6. Putting some things aside to follow the pull of things you can hardly wait to do--THAT is following your heart and doing what you love. Hurray for you!! Keep following your heart. Do the things that are food for your soul. :)

  7. Yup. Ok to let gooooo! It's extremely difficult sometimes, and sometimes the struggle is the telling answer. My experience is, if there's struggle and you feel ok about the struggle, then keep going, if not, then ditch it and promise yourself that you've really ditched it.
    Just my thoughts.
    Also, awhile back I asked if you would be making journals for your shop made from old books like you offered before, and sold out in lightening speed :). Please consider. I really loved the one made from childhood stories (vintage).
    Anyway, much luck and feel peaceful.

  8. Oh jenny I have been struggling with this very issue. Thank you for always sharing and making me feel better about art!


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