Saturday 12 January 2013

Blog Jewels

Blog I love you, you know I do, you are the thing that I have created online that I'm most proud of. 
You've challenged me, often. You've made me face down my fears. 
You're filled with my love and I'm proud of you.
You deserve some fresh jewels. 
I know other blog owners treat their blogs to fancy new banner & button jewels more often than I do, but I'm poorer in this field and you know that. Still I give you what I can, enjoy your fresh new video tutorials page =)


  1. Love your new jewels. I feel the same way about my blog. I just discovered blogging recently and I absolutely love it! Whoever "invented" it should be sainted.yay for blogging and all the wonderful inspiring bloggers out there!

  2. It's is you - the true jewel. Deborah

  3. Your lovely blog is a way for me to thank you for al the video`s you have shared with us...i have learned so much from them and i look almost every time on YT when i forgothow to do something or you have uploaded a new video......i follow you here too so i dont have to miss out on anything....your such an inspiration....thanks again and greetings from Holland

  4. What a fantastic idea. All of your work are jewels, to us, your followers.

  5. oh these are great so cute and thanks love your inspiring tutorials ...
    hugz bev

  6. Love your new page with your tutorials! I've missed some and I'm so happy to see ones that I missed! You are a great teacher and you have a wonderful gift making and showing new things! Thank you!!!

  7. Aww, I love that you give your blog presents! It's an awesome blog, so it definitely deserves it.

    I feel the same way about my blog -- it's the best thing I've done online. It's the one place on the Internet that feels like it's really mine. It's a home, whereas Facebook and Pinterest are more like hotels. If that makes sense. ;)

  8. I have enjoyed your videos, I have made some of the books from cereal boxes.beads,and buttons,
    I am a scrapbooker, not a artist.. So in the 5 books I maded.
    I am having trouble what to put in them. I made one a smash book, one travel book, but what else do I make one?
    And do you fill them all the way up. Half of mine are empty? Is there one of your tutorials on making the inside, beside drawing, (I don't draw).
    Betty in texas

    1. Betty

      I've a smashbooking tutorial which can be found in this post:

      but if you don't want to draw, smashbook (or perhaps scrapbook?) I'd just use them for writing, you can never have enough paper you can use for 'regular' stuff. I might do a vid in the future showing my other kinds of journals because I am an avid journal keeper of all sorts, but other than that don't don't be hard on yourself if half are empty, that means half are full ;) x

    2. Thank You sooooo much. Found the tutorial, love it,
      I am inspirted again by you..

  9. Love, love, love your blog. I have spent 2 nights watching the video tutorials and I still have more to watch.


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