Sunday, 12 August 2012

Old and New Art Journals

Hi guys, firstly sorry for my absence from blogland & other online places recently, especially if you've sent me an email I'm sure I've mentioned before I suffer from migraines and I had a terror at the beginning of the week, which kind of knocked me out for the rest of it =(
But I began feeling much better about friday and good job, as I had a day trip planned that I simply could not cancel, and then over the weekend I made a video. I wasn't really feeling like recording something that would take a lot of editing though so I decided to show journals I haven't entirely shown before. 
That's what these images are from, 3 of my very first art journals. I'm beginning to notice that a lot more new art journalers are contacting me over the past couple of months, so I decided to share these with both good and bad pages & show the progress a regular old art journaler takes through the 'unsteady' to 'now it comes naturally' stages. Here's the video if you are interested:
So that's the old journals, and the day trip is where the new journals comes in. On Friday we took children of a family friend to the Harry Potter Studios just outside London (though in truth I think it was they that were humouring us ;) )
I made journals for both of the boys for them to draw and write in (I printed questions for them to answer and added HP images to it). I forgot to take pictures but I did take film so once I have done what I want to in my new Gryffindor parchment journal...
I may make a film showing all of the journals together. (I know, I know I buckled under the pressure of merchandise - it was probably the parchment lol but hey I was v.good in Venice when I could have brought twenty!). That's all for now, hope you're having a great weekend, thanks for visiting =)
Jennibellie xxx


  1. Sorry you have been poorly Jenny! But glad you recovered in time to go to the Harry Potter studios!How envious am I? I'd love to go but it is soooo expensive! Was it as good as it looks? I'd love to hear more about what you thought!
    Off to watch your video now!
    hugs Aly x

  2. I love all of the variety in your journals. I noticed a butterfly theme though! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Wow, going to the Harry Potter studios, that must have been some experience. The kids must have loved the journals you made for them, how lucky are they.

    Sorry to hear you were struck down with a whopping migraine. Hopefully you are now back on track.

  4. Glad you're feeling better!

  5. Sorry to hear you've had a hard time with the migraines, but glad that you are on the mend. Sooo interesting seeing your old journals, and how your style has evolved :)

  6. Wow, how fab - wish you were my Auntie Jenny:)

    Poor you with the migraines, I used to suffer from them a lot till I found the trigger so I know how you feel.
    (my trigger was my first husband, the divorce solved the migraines LOL)

  7. I'm glad you are feeling better--migraines suck.

  8. Sorry about the migraine. My body basically has control over my life the last decade so I know how it sucks. Love seeing the older journals. Wondering what the new Harry Potter place is like in London and what all you bought, so I hope you do show us. :) Glad you're feeling better.

  9. Hi,
    Woh great too see your progess!! Migraine...its so useless!! I've used a lot of your tutorials with my niece who stayed with us for some days. She's 11 and did a marvoullous job! I've put some pictures on my blog, with a link yours ofcourse.(

    Love Susan

  10. Love this blod I enjoyed your yt film younposted too. I can't wait till my little ones like HP And I think no one blames you for caving on the HP parchment journal, I would have hehe

  11. Glad you're feeling better after your bad start to last week - but it sounds like you suffer with the migraines quite a lot. Do make sure you look after yourself!
    I always love watching your videos and it was really interesting to see your earlier journals.

    Take care xx

  12. OOOOH! I'm a Harry Potter fan too! =)


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