Thursday 16 August 2012

Finding the Will (to get Creative)

Hi Guys, okay I have to admit it...I've avoided it long enough, I am having a slump. The past few weeks, this month especially, I have found it ridiculously difficult to get creative. We all know life can easily get in the way of our art, and this is partly to blame, but what I found incredibly frustrating is that even when I have actually found the time to create...I have just wanted to watch tv! My will has deserted me, and I'm hoping this confession will shock my mojo into action.  I understand that our mojo's sometimes need a little down time, but it's had it for weeks and weeks. Now I'm beginning to feel the itch of really wanting to create again, albeit feeling a little lost as to how to do it. So the past few days I have forced myself to do something creative each day, which has at least ridden me of that horrid feeling of unproductiveness...and hopefully will mean that a week from now I'll at least feel like I'm back on a path again (any path, I don't care where it goes) rather than in the verge! Here's one of those days & the kind of things I'm doing to bring my creative self around:
Thanks for visiting, Jennibellie xx


  1. Sophia was mesmerized while we watched your video. We ALL have slumps - no matter what we do - and I've found that the more I worry about it...the worse it gets. What I DO to give myself a few minutes in the playroom organizing or cleaning or sorting or sifting and it usually sparks something. I live by the saying...the muse comes to the moving brush and hope you'll find yours loud and clear!

  2. You can't have a creative block! Otherwise what would I watch on YouTube of an evening?

  3. You can't have a creative block. :)
    I need something to watch on Youtube for ideas whilst I'm avoiding my fledgling attempts to get creative!

  4. Jenni, I mostly work with textiles, just occasionally get drawn to paper and inks/stamps/collage etc etc etc . Found your site and watched your youtube videos back to back last week....STEEP learning curve! You've given me so many ideas, made so many issues really clear for me, and introduced me to so many exciting techniques/directions. I just wanted to tell you when I read this post. Keep on doing what you do... and hope your mojo is well and truly back. You are inspiring!

  5. Jenni, thank you for sharing. That is brave of you. Sometimes just saying out loud what is bothering us releases the power it has over us. When I'm going through a bad patch, creative or otherwise I remind myself this too shall pass. And so it shall for you. The mojo will come back. Thank You so much for the continued inspiration! Take care

  6. Everybody has slumps. Sometimes if you take a break or try a new medium or something completely different...or just wait it out. ;) You still look pretty creative to me. :)

  7. Several creative people that I know ....including myself...are feeling that way right now...perhaps all of our muse have flown the coop to some exciting spa/resort where they are recharging and sharing they can return home to us all revved up and ready to lead us on a dynamic creative surge!!!!! ;0)

  8. Being a journal creator maybe your a list maker too? I am, so when I start to feel unmotivated or not so creative I start making to-do lists of things I wish I was doing, then before I know it I'm crossing things off the list and my slump is over.

  9. Hi Jennibellie, after I was so infected by your creativity (I did quite a few of the Recycled Art Journals... and more) I would like you to know that I think it's not only normal to have blockades I think it is necessary. Like nature has a time to rest (winter) we do need that as well. And then - in spring - new things arise...
    I then start with something totally new or something I haven't done for years ...
    Thanks for sharing your ideas.

  10. Hi Jennie'
    I know how you feel re-'The Dreaded Slump'The touble is when you feel that you have to create something it makes things worse*so when that happens,I go into my 'Studio'and sort out my Art Stuff' Just touching those things keeps me connected to my Art! We all go through it in one way or another.But eventualy the 'Mojo'returns and suddenly we can;t wait to get started on a project!It's an artists lot I'm afraid** I love your videos and am inspired by them!! Take care*** much love xx Jo (downunder);-D

  11. Hello Jennie, i wanted to thank you for all the great ideas and videos you share generously on your blog and i send you my best thoughts and encouragements.Take care.

  12. Ok this might sound strange but... and bare with me- can you make time in Oct to maybe come to the States?!?! I would be totally cool with having you stay here with me- and my soon to be husband Sean. Its looking like we are going to be moving into our house in the near future and well 1/2 country side and the other 1/2beach- if you are able to swing it- we would love to have you visit!

    Also I shot you an e-mail. Hugs

  13. also amazing job with that- you lend strength to so many of us, thank you

  14. I understand and will wait with you!

  15. Jennie,
    The suggestion for writing everything down is a great suggestion.
    You come up with so many ideas, that others who work at what you do, simply do the same things all of the time. You do so "MANY" various projects and they seem to be unlimited in your thought process.
    I am a novice but, I have learned so much from you with all the many videos that you have done.
    I know things will start to flow very soon for you. Just think positive and it will come.
    I have no clue how you even come up with so many different and unusual tutorials.
    I spend more time on your blog just going over and over your tutorials. After I watch each on I start to think "how and the world does she come up with this talent" and before I know it you come up with something else.
    Take your time and relax your mind.
    We will wait for you to get your grove back.
    United States

  16. Slumps are good sometimes, you come back stronger than ever. I've been in a 30-year slump, but you've poked my brain center for art if I can just clear the space in the studio to work.

    Hang in there, sweetie!

  17. Hey Jenny, don't worry about being in a slump. It happens, and you usually bounce back stronger and wiser. It's just part of being creative. I usually find that when I am in a slump, I have some sort of breakthrough at the end of it, and go deeper/ in a new direction that I couldn't have imagined. I do stream-of-consciousness journalling until my hand and heart ache, write lists, clean supllies, and before I know it I have a BRILLIANT idea. It just needed to percolate. Often without me even knowing. Keep the faith, hun. Go clean your supplies or something and it will come to you.

  18. Oh my goodness we all need a break from time to time. Just enjoy it and let it happen. TV may be on for a reason to give you motivation. Just let it happen. Days roll on and you can't stop them just let them happen. Sending you a big hug.

  19. Shirley, California18 August 2012 at 01:19

    J. I've just been introduced to your videos and am anxiously awaiting the next one. Sorry to hear about the trouble you're having with creative inspiration. I'm an artist who's quite a bit older than you and if it's one thing I've learned;you can't be creative on demand all the time. Inspiration is just that and if it's not coming you just have to wait. We can go into our studios and practice methods or doodle around but we have to wait. Then boom it pops back as quick as it left. Don't worry, it will return.

    Loved your pics of Venice, I was there the end of July and still have my photos in the camera, have not even looked at them. Isn't it a beautiful place?

    Wishing you all the best,

    Shirley Smith, California

  20. We all experienced that, and what I found helpful was to actually relax, wait for it to pass, and maybe do some small projects. But I know it will pass and then you will make art like crazy. :)

  21. Jennie,
    So glad I 'bumped' into one of your videos and signed up for all of them. I love watching you make things and feel terrible that you've been in a slump of late. I am certain you'll be back to the ol' Jenniebellie in no time at all.
    And now I have found you blog - didn't even know it existed! And now a new channel!!
    YOU GO GIRL!!!

  22. I cant seem to access the video. Its just a black box and when I click it nothing happens. :(

    Mary Harris

  23. Dear Jennie,

    I stumbled across you on youtube when I was trying to learn how to make paper flowers I think. Then I found your community on ning. I think it is absolutely wonderful how you are helping the world through your art. You are a phenomenal being and I am grateful for you and for your community which I believe is a blessing to me and many others.
    Take Care,
    Jenny G.


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