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Update on this page:
Okay I now have sooooo many videos on art journaling that I can no longer house them all on this page (if you wish it to load this century anyhoo) so here are just a few of my more favourite videos that I have done on journaling, in no particular order. 

If you wish to see more videos including art journal page processes, flips, hints, tips and tons of tutorials then please visit my youtube channelI have also started a vlog channel which houses more casual & intimate videos focused on creativity. 

If you wish to browse my tutorials please click on the Video Tutorials page.

Art Journal Page Process - Loves Layers
All about layers! One of my fav speed processes pages I have done. It's under 5 mins & I have labelled each layer clearly.

Venice Travel Journal Flip
This flip is of my rough & ready journal I created during a trip to one of my favourite cities in the world.

Just Playin'
One from my vlog channel...just me playin'

My Biggest Tip for Liking Your Journal Pages
This is a non-action talking video, where I share my two best tips that I think will most help overcome the 'I don't like my pages' syndrome.

Journal Exercise - Let's Make This Year AWESOME
A quick art journal exercise to see in the new year with artful intentions

Art Book Flip - The Book of Weirdos
Bright, bold and beadalicious book art flip through.

Art Journal Dance
A bit of fun video for your viewing enjoyment =)

Art Journal Flip - Acrylic #1
A quick flip of a journal where I use only acrylic and occasionally pen
(with some page process treats thrown in too).

A Quick Lil' Art Journal Page ~ 15 Minute Real-time Process
Watch me create a journal page in real time action

Quick Mini Art Journal Page 
Another one from my vlog channel, again just me playin'

A Personal Flip Through My Art Journal Pages
Okay granted this is a long video, but it comes under the grouping of 'my faves', if you wish you can see a quicker version of this flip here (just flippin' no talking)

There are lots more of these kinda videos (but more tutorialy) on my

'Art And Art Journaling Tutorials' page

And of course there are bunches and bunches more on my youtube channels:

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