Sunday 4 November 2012

I love it, I love it, I love it!!!

OMG! You can tell I'm excited because I've used the term 'OMG!' lol
I had to share this page with you, even though I'm now off working on other pages because I just love, love, *LOVE* how it turned out:
What I love most is the paper & how quickly it came together because of all the paper I had ready to add the colour and texture. It's my waste paint paper from my 'crafty solutions' video, which I love so much I find it difficult to use!! 
Here I created torn layers from alternative papers and OMG you should run your hands over this - if you're as tactile as I am you'd be in heaven with all the texture going off all over the place lol. We need to get rid of the misconception that decorative paper only comes out of the scrapbooking or giftwrap section...all of my christmas presents are going to be wrapped in this! (If I can bear to give it away anyway lol). Here is the original video in case you missed it or just want a recap:
I'm off out for Sunday lunch now, whoop! =D see ya laters, Jennibellie x

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  1. It's beautiful! Did you draw the girl on the page first or draw her on a separate piece of paper and glue her on top? Love your enthusiasm! :D

  2. Love all those colours!! :-)

  3. Calm down dear, it's only a journal ;)

    They are rather glorious pages. All that colour and shape together could have been a complete mess, but somehow you've managed to make it work so well. Nice one :)

  4. Gorgeous your pages Jenny. I loe it. And then the video really marvelous to use all these papers. Very inspiring.
    Lovely greet

  5. It really did come out beautifully!!!

  6. Goooorreegeous!! I also really appreciate your putting video links for those of us who haven't seen the aforementioned process in the first place. I'm working my way through all your videos but am quite happy to jump in and around and backwards and forwards to one or the other. I'm enjoying them so much and am learning a lot. I'm very excited about new ways for me to re-use & recycle. Thank you :0) Mo x

  7. Great idea and beautiful results!

  8. Very creative idea Jenni, must try this. Love your blogs, they keep inspiring me to get going with my journal. Thanks for sharing. Viv

  9. Beautiful art journal pages Jenny... love the color... the texture... and your gorgeous girl... I can see why you are excited...

    Jenny ♥

  10. I'm excited that you're excited! Haha. I know what you mean though...about feeling the paper...running your hand over it...touching it. I've saved and used my wax paper in projects takes paint and gesso very nicely ;)

  11. That is a gorgeous page!! I'm off to listen to your youtube video now.

  12. This is great, Jenni, and no wonder you are excited lol! (Every time you get excited, I can hear you in my head - "recycled buuutons, uh uh uh uuuuh uh" ROFL!!) You crease me up!!

    I've now got 2 sheets of this "waste" card on the go and they are both starting to look great - though my poor hubby can't see it lol! He just thinks they are a mess! (You and I know different, though...) I have mentioned it on my blog and various people have responded and said what a good idea it is! I've referred them back to Jennibellie, the Recycling Queen lol!

    Have a great week.

  13. OMG, I love it, too ;) I really do--and I'm glad you posted the video again, I must've missed it before. It's amazing how much we waste, isn't it?

  14. Hi Miss Jenny...I am new to the world of YouTube...Facebook etc etc and I recently discovered your sites and soon was downloading voraciously...absorbing and emersing myself within art once again. This year has been the Annis Horribilus that I would never wish upon another soul...I have not touch art supplies...made, crafted, enjoyed acknowledged anything...I had lost my love and my joy and most importantly my soul...
    So this is what I wish to say to you...I played with paper, bought inktense crayons and pencils, made stencils, stamped and I am covered in paint...I cannot write my words yet, they are still locked down tight...but you have given me a key.
    Thank you...I played, I am still playing and I felt that I would not again...I smiled at my ideas no preconceived ideas just making...for this gift...I cannot thank you you say much love...really much love...

  15. Absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for sharing! :)


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