Thursday 3 October 2013

20,000 Subscriber Giveaway on YT

Hi guys just a little note to let you know that I've a giveaway going over on my youtube channel. I've have over 20k of subscribers and thought I'd do a little thank you, below is the video but you must comment on the video to be entered (ie not here, though comments here are welcome as usual...they just won't be an entry). The 20 winners will be picked on 16th October.

Good luck everyone =D

PS New things are going in my shop this/next week so hopefully any of you that are avid Belliettes and already have all of these prizes will have new things to pick from if you become winners =)


  1. Your postcards are beautiful & I really love your work. Thank you so much for sharing all your creativity & vibe.

  2. All your work is great. So vibrant. Thanks for all your hard work with the vids.

  3. Jenny,
    Am I the only one who has no sound on the videos on your blog??
    Youtube is fine and I get other blog videos. I know it is possibly me.
    Love your downloads and waiting patiently for my package.
    lol. Cathe Ekas

  4. Jenny,
    Today I have sound on your videos. Must have been me.
    Cathe Ekas

  5. Love, love, love your art and gifts! Congrats on 20000. Yahoooooooo!!

  6. I love your work and would be thrilled to win any of your prizes. You are an inspiration.

  7. love your work and thank you again i was number 4 in the draw

  8. Oh I am a new so I missed your gift give away. I am a Grandmother of six I am 71 young. I have been doing scrapbbooks for a very long time. I had to figure out ways of making my books I used a paper boys hole puncher. Oh was that hard on the Hands. I even made carboard little gingerbread characters out of characters and used tea bags to stain them and then hang them up to dry so they would go hard. I never knew how to do anything. Yet I was willing to not give up. . Dressed them with scraps of christmas deco. . Then gave each Grandchild one for to hang on the christmas tree. They loved them still hang them up and they are teens now and one g.daughter is 20. Going to teachers college. . So I have had so many ideas in my head. I met a lady Marcia. My first victorian album I picked her idea up on you tube. Now she is a real artst and creater like you. She was very kind to send me a homemade mini album same size as you made in your video. . So I learned from her and I gave her the credit. Then I have found you. All you do. I have that passion also.
    I made my recycling cover out of tissues of oranges . I did not have a paper bag like you showed and right there I wanted to try the recyling album. . Anyhow. I used the paint and then I dried with a hand art blower . It turned out nice. I also said to hubby. I have to punch holes first for an album before I layer like I have. So had to glue all the cardboard pages in. Oh what a job. So for sure I need a puncher. Thank you for sending me here to read.
    I have my own blog. I belong to a group of gals. I started to be brave and show my mixed art. I would love to show you the cover I did. I am really proud of it. At first I could not understand you as you talk quickly. I played your video's over and over. I think now I pretty well mastered your explaing.
    At night when Tv is not good. I sti and watch your videos on you tube for hours. Glad I happened to find you through a click and up ypu came. I am a
    huge fan of yours. Oh I can talk as you see.


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