Sunday 21 July 2013

Pom-Pom Garland Tutorial

Hey guys, so I've had one or two of you say 
'when are we going to see a tour of your new studio?'
well my answer is...when I've everything exactly how I want it, 
so you're just going to have to wait (so ner :p) lol but you are getting to see tid bits here and there (like this post) and one good thing to come out of me taking my time & making my space all pruuuutty is...a tutorial.

And no this is the tutorial I gave sneak peeks of in my last post that I've been working on, this is just a freebie (not that the others not a freebie, but this is an extra freebie, see?!). This is why I think I'm gonna love my vlogging/vlog channel, just to show you these little bits and pieces that I otherwise might not have bothered sharing because they weren't worth the whole hoop-la of making a 'proper' tutorial.

So here is it a little chillaxed video (even in my scruffy 'paint top' - forgive me =D lol) with tips for making your own Pom-Pom garland.

Happy Sunday


  1. Very cool! It might be a fun project to do with red, green and white pom poms and use them for Christmas decor. "-)

  2. Did you make the huge pompoms? They look awesome :)


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