Saturday 16 February 2013

*Givvveawwaay winnnneerrr*

I'm actually sat here singing
'givvvvveawwway winnnnnnnnerrrrr, na na nahhh hhaaa' as I type lol
how sad that I get excited myself :/ =D
before that though I want to share some amazing sights, because unexpectedly I had a pretty incredible day of them. I was out in a neighbouring county, and though I know the beautiful English countryside is a lovely vision in itself something strange had happened to it... this: 
All of the dales and valleys were eaten up by a beautiful mystical mist that went up for miles;
like how an ocean engulfs and caresses the coast
Whole towns & villages were lost, peaks really were only peaks for a while
I assume it is the visual effect of the heat from the first proper day of sun hitting the cold 
(look at the back wall of the above field - the white is the snow that is still visible)
28 years of living in the UK and being used to our country and I have never witnessed anything like this...and then the sky was suddenly littered with colour:
It was weird to see the sun so summery bright next to starkly white winter snow:
Anyhow sorry for getting distracted, onto the giveaway =)
Thank you to everybody that entered ~ WOW!!!!! There were a LOT:
my poor old printer nearly died pumping out all your names lol
As I do it the old fashioned way it took a while (and a few papercuts) but here we go.....
and the winner is.....

Jen @ Sadie Inspired

Yayyyyyy congratulations =)
please send me your deets to my email as stated over there >>>>

Everyone else not to worry, I've two pieces of good news for you:
1) I will most likely be posting a video tutorial tonight, so that's a gift for anyone who wants it &
2) if you couldn't tell from the beginning of this post I actually really like doing giveaway's & I've come up with an idea for a MEGA one, like seriously MEGA so I'll most likely be doing another before you know it  =D

So that's it, have happy weekend everyone byyyyyyye xoxo


  1. Those are quite the pretty views indeed, thank you for sharing them with us, Jennie!

    And congrats to the winner!.

  2. Congrats to the winner!!! Thanks for posting all the beautiful pictures of the English countryside. Looking forward to your next video. You're very talented and I love your style. :-)

  3. Sorry, have to laugh at your 'old-fashioned way'! :D hehe.... Oh and gratz to Jen

  4. Congrats Jen!! What gorgeous pics!! Can't wait for the video!! <3

  5. I never could get the link to work for me so I couldn't enter. Have you ever thought of using RaffleCopter? Several people I follow that do giveaways use it. :)

  6. First off ... congrats to Jen @ Sadie Inspired! So tickled for you!
    Second up ... oh my goodness Jenny! Your photos are amazing! Love Love Love the one that has the layered hills way back in the distance with the mist in front and between them, while the sheep are dotted amidst that green. Its just incredible!
    Third up ... looking forward to your next video. Also so fun to watch and I go over and over every one for all the little bits I missed the first go.
    Fourth up ... another Giveaway?? Oh how wonderful!!! lol Too fun ... and you're too kind!
    So glad you've had a wonderful day there m'lady!!

  7. Congrats to the winner!!! Oh yes looking forward to your next tutorial.... Thanks for sharing those amazing pics. Hope to some day visit your beautiful country!

  8. Damn, those views are quite majestic! :D

  9. Yay to the winner!!
    Those pictures are superb Jennie. Whenever I see mist like that it reminds me of that love story, 'Brigadoon' - Wonderful :0)

  10. Congratulations to Jen!!!!! Very lucky winner indeed. The photos were awesome. Looking forward to the next give away. You are so generous. Can hardly wait for the video. I enjoy them immensely !!! So happy for your great day!!!

  11. Congratulations to Jen. Love the beautiful pictures you posted.

  12. Congratulations to Jen... hope she'll post her blog (if she has one) so that we can visit her too. Love the photos... did you take them with your new camera?

  13. congrats to Jen , but im pouting lol thanks for the giveaway ..
    hugz bev

  14. Wow! Beautiful photos.

    Congrats to the winner :-)

    Looking forward to a new video! They're always fun to watch. And very inspirational!

    Xx Monica

  15. jenny, you are so adorable! it's most obvious you do enjoy the giveaways ;) and how cute is that little suitcase with all those names-wow! there were a lot of us!!! the pictures are gorgeous....and then, how cool to have that "color littering the sky" and sheep!!! i see cows from time to time but never sheep. looking forward to the next tutorial (thankYOU!) AND the mega giveaway. us jennibellie'etts are a lucky bunch. congrats to JEN @ Sadie Inspired!! hugs and <3 jenny

  16. So happy for Jen! Congrats! Thanks Jennie for all the loveliness you share freely with us! I will devour your video!

  17. Yay Jen! congrats! wish it was me- another give-away coming up- I live in hope! great photos Jenny- they made my heart sing! Cant wait for the new tutorial video. thanks for your generosity!

  18. Oh my gosh!!!! That's me!!!! :)))) I was checking out my Reader in the car with my hubby and made him laugh when I started dancing when I saw my name! I am so thankful and feel so lucky to have a Jennibellie journal coming my way. Thank you SO much!! Emailing my info now. xoxo

  19. Congratulations Jen! Lucky stiff indeed!!! Thank you Jennibellie for the opportunity! and for the video!!!!

  20. Oh my, you live in the Yorkshire dales??? I really do hope to spend a summervacation there sometime. I absolutely love the scenery!
    Congratulations to the winner of your giveaway and looking forward to the next one!

    Have a lovely Sunday

  21. Great photo's. Love the mysterious one. You live in a great part of the land with such a beautiful views.
    Thanks forhaving the chance and have a great sunday!
    xxx Marianne MW

  22. Ah, what lovely views of the English countryside. I don't get views like that here in the US...unless you count industrial smog hanging over the Chesapeake Bay!

  23. These are stunning photos you took Jenny! You didn't just take pictures here--you captured the emotion AND the essence of the countryside! Simply gorgeous.

  24. Many congrats to the winner. You lucky thing!

  25. beautifull views? thank you for sharing!

  26. Congratulation to the winner! Thank you for sharing all your beautiful pictures. See you late. Hugs, Linda

  27. Congrats, Jen. So happy for you. Thanx for sharing the lovely English countryside with us, Jennibellie! The pictures make me want to go play in my studio (too late for that today). Thank you for ALL the inspiration you and the Fairy send us.

  28. Congratulations Jen!

    Thank you for the awesome photos. I love pictures of the English countryside in the first place, and secondly ~ WOW! what a magical phenomenon. And the ~ I'm not sure of the proper term, not hang gliders, not kites, the colorful whatever-they-are :) ~ so cool!

    Off to watch your video...


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