Saturday 21 July 2012

Travel Journal Pages & Flip

Hi guys, snotty rags here! I haven't had the flu in so long I'd forgotten that they aren't just 24hr things. I cannot believe it's been a week and I feel more like death warmed up than's definitely the dreaded man flu! But again it was still all worth it and here's some of the pages made in my travel journal while away.
I did manage to keep my voice steady enough to do a flip of it & as I say in the video it's not exactly the most artful or skilled of my journals, but what I like about it is; it is real. The journal was done on the go, meaning nothing is well thought out - it is purely about the holiday, what happened and as it happened. Here's a couple more pages and the flip video, I hope you enjoy.
(PS I'm still running behind on emails, comments, visits and things guys - I'm really sorry, please be patient with this clapped-out-ragged-thing-formerly-known-as-Jennibellie, it's taken me all day to figure out this posting malarkey so everything else is just a little beyond my capabilities at the mo. Thanks for being awesome). 


  1. oh Jennie girl... sorry to hear you're feeling like crap!! i do hope you feel better soon. I'm running behind too, so don't feel bad. I had company for the past week+ i am only NOW catching up with other blogs. Your journal is fantastic!! Sending good healing vibes your way... xox

  2. Jenny what aweful that you feel so bad.And I really do hope that you will better soon.
    Your book and pages are marvelous again. Love it very much. Fantastic art work.
    Lovely greet and nice sweekend

  3. More pretty pages! That is a good description.."organic".

  4. Hope you are feeling better soon girl!
    Sending big hugs your way!
    Aly x

  5. they are super gorgeous!!!!

  6. Love your Journal! Get well quickly. Love all your work. You are really amazing.

  7. sorry to hear you are still no better:(

    Love the journal flip - thank you.

  8. Being sick is so hard when you have a thousand things you want to accomplish.
    As usual, love the journal
    North Carolina

  9. Love your journal and the videos from your holiday. Hope you feel better soon, I had it too recently after not having had it for years and it knocked me for six. Love and hugs from Australia xoxoxo

  10. I just loved that journal and it such a nice memory from you holiday do that them little picture with a special camara or is it on of these little printers
    Hope you feel better soon

  11. Oh I do hope you are feeling better very soon.
    Your journal is amazing. Such a wonderful keepsake.

  12. I love your journal! It's so beautiful! My kind of thing. :)

  13. Dear clapped-out-ragged-thing-formerly-known-as-Jennibellie, We still think you're awesome.

    Love the journal pages, esp the tangoed couple.

  14. Hello Jennibellie...I just wanted to share my washi tape bokks I made watching your video. I posted them on my blog...Thanks so much for the inspiration you share with us everyday!!! Please come mean a lot. here is the link....

  15. Hello again...I missed up!!! I forgot to add some If you have looked might want to again.... Sorry, this blogging thing is so confusing sometimes :O) My site Hugs-- and thanks for your patience :O)

  16. Wonderful! Thanks for showing us all the details! Love the little pockets and stuff! Patsy from
    HeARTworks and

  17. I bet you just went to Venice so you could write something in your lovely journal. I enjoyed your videos as always.
    Have fun!


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