Saturday 28 July 2012

Late Olympic Fever & Tutorial Update

Art Journal Technique for Loosening Up: A Faux Chinese Brush Inspired Tutorial
Hey I know I'm a little late to jump on the Olympic bandwagon, in honesty it starting meant I was more upset that the Twenty Twelve comedy programme would be over, rather than happy the Olympics would be starting! If you don't know about the tv show it is a documentary style show following the fumbling Olympic 'deliverance team', starring Hugh Bonneville (yes, that Lord guy from Downton Abbey lol).
Make Your Own Stencils from Rubbish Tutorial
I guess the nearest thing I can compare it to for people not in the UK is The Office (though I think it was a much superior show) & the reason it was so funny is that, in truth, I think most of us Brits have thought holding the Olympics could easily be a bit of a fiasco. 
Rope Portrait Tutorial
However now it's here I'm suddenly like *eeeek* as I'm sitting watching Serena Williams play tennis again at Wimbledon =) and after the opening ceremony I have to admit I had a dash of British pride. Seeing as most of my readers are not actually from GB I have to ask, what you guys thought of it if you watched it? I haven't watched an Olympic opening ceremony held in this country before, so I've nothing to compare it to, but I thought we did pretty good =)
Make Your Own Recycled Stamps
Art progress here at my studio is a bunch of new tutorials I'm working on. In fact I have worked on so many new techniques & had so many new ideas I'm getting VERY confused between all of my different video files that I'm editing. I keep my computer folders very organised but I've never worked on about 6 or 7 videos simultaneously so think I have to stop, go back into the studio, and just finish one project completely before hitting the next. I just get so excited though it's tough ~ one of the reasons you guys get so many tutorials and things from me lol. 
Oil and Ink Art Journaling Tutorial
The reason why I have so much on the go is probably because I have been ill, so now I've kid in a candy shop mentality lol therefore I don't have anything new that's finished to show you =( but what I have managed to do is update my Video Tutorials page...which is what all the images in this post are about.
Watersoluable Travel Palette Book (or Removable Journal Palette) Tutorial
So if you have missed any, or not seen my blog for a while, please head over and see what's new. Much love Jennibellie xx


  1. Thanks jennibellie again! Hope you will be able to check my blog out I also have a YouTube video I have done inspired by you. I drop your name quite a lot in all of them if you don't mind me doing , enjoying your updates. Later

  2. I loved the Twenty Twelve comedy series, it was such a great send up. Watched the opening ceremony last night and I think that the majority of it was inspired. The lighting of the flame, was a work of art and so beautiful!

    I'm now off to watch your latest videos. You are so generous with your great work. Many thanks.

  3. Your tutorials are amazing and inspiring! Thank you for sharing!
    The Olympic opening ceremony was superb! I enjoyed watching it, especially Kenneth Branagh. :)

  4. Hi Jennibellie
    I think we did really well with our 'opener'. I watched it on TV not knowing how I would respond, but I was pleasantly surprised. My daughter was actually there and she was totally captivated.
    Your videos are wonderful; if I had a vid cam, I think, like you, I'd be at it all the time. However, I doubt my poor brain could cope with such complicated techno-stuff.

    Please don't get confused; (that's my problem). Lookin' forward to the next one :)

  5. lovely artwork! you're really talented~ just stumbled upon your blog and I really love it! Follow back?

    D a n i e l l e |
    *giveaway* win artwork by Mui-ko! click here

  6. Hi Pie! I have missed your blog and will do some serious catching up with it and your videos very soon. Sorry that you've been sick and i totally hope this note finds you better. Love, peace and all things groovy!

  7. Can't wait to see what you have lined up in your new videos!

  8. Hi from Florida, loved the opening ceremonies, the history and artistry was amazing. Always love your tutorials

  9. So glad I discovered you on Youtube, Jennibellie - and through that, your wonderful blog! Signing up to follow you post haste. Love your tutorials, and I can identify with the kid in a candy shop mentality!


  10. Hi from Germany..
    The opening ceremony was great. We loved it.
    Well I love GB anyway!!!
    Thanks for sharing your tutorials.


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