Monday 19 December 2011

Boy Oh Boy! A Completed Art Journal (& Video Flip)

Ohhhhhh boy! 6 days to Christmas and I am finding it insanely difficult to get online this month (no wonder challenges like Nanowrimo etc are in November - who would dare tackle anything extra in this crazy month?). I have managed to finish my horrid journal though, YAY!
I have done a two-part video flip of all the pages (gotta love flippages)
I only really talk about materials in these videos, because I always like to know what other artists like to use, but I have to say my favourite supply I found through process of this journal was a humble pencil. One water-soluable graphite pencil, ummmmm, here are a couple of pages in this journal I made with the pencil and not yet shown on here:
You know what? If all I got for Christmas was a lump of charcoal I'd reckon I'd be pretty chuffed haha

Just in case I don't get to blog again before the 25th MERRY CHRISTMAS, EVERYONE!


  1. I love your Horrid journal! The pages and the name! haha
    Thank you for sharing the materials! It is very useful! I will try charcoals! ^^

  2. Yay, you finished! The journal looks great. :)

    I always like to know what other artists use in their work, too. There's always something fun I'd never have thought of.

  3. Wonderful creations here ! Wow! ~ Happy Holidays to you ~ namaste, Carol and ArtMuse Dog ^_^

  4. Just found your blog not too long ago and Love It! Thanks for sharing lots of tips. Your journal is beautiful. I enjoy the mix of colors and designs you've included in this journal. Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


  5. I loved seeing your finished journal! So much creativity on those pages. Thank you for sharing it. :) I hope you have a wonderful week & Merry Christmas! xoxo

  6. I LOVE your horrid journal! Thanks for sharing the contents via video...I'm going to watch them as soon as I've posted this comment. :)

  7. Btw, a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too!! xo

  8. I always like to know what supplies and tools other people use so I appreciate you letting us know. I still giggle at "horrid journal". ;) I admire anyone who can draw people and animals. You did great with your water soluble pencil! What a fun journey this must have been. :)

  9. Haven't had chance to look at the video as I'm stuck at work, but the pages you've posted are great.
    Have a good Christmas

  10. I want water-soluble graphite for Christmas...need it so badly after seeing what you have done:)
    Brilliant pages!
    Have a wonderful Christmas.

  11. Merry Xmas! Great journalling. Haven't touched mine in weeks! Need to dig it out and get stuck in. You're an inspiration.

  12. Such fabulous journals. I have been using the card from boxes for painting on and each time I have cut them I kept looking at the folded parts and thinking there must be something I could do with them. Now I know!!

  13. BEAUTIFUL Journal... love your talents.
    Thank you for the videos too. You are so sweet to share. *hugs*
    Merry Christmas to you too. Enjoy...

  14. love your art journal. Was a wonderful video seeing the finished product. I just recently got into art journaling and Im obsessed with it already.


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