Journal Making Tutorials

Learn how to make your own journals...

Here are my tutorials for making your own art journals, created mainly from recycled materials which you already have available to you.

I create many tutorials for FREE, so if you use one of my ideas (and share it) please return the favour and credit me. Karmic love is what it's all about.

Make an Art Journal From Leftover Greetings Cards
Make 5 Mini Books from Recycled Greetings Cards
Make a Dos-A-Dos Book with a Cardboard Box
Make a 100% Recycled Art Journal from Cereal Boxes
How to Make a Large Box Journal
Make a Recycled Wall Art Journal
Make a Recycled Piano Hinge Journal
Making My New Recycled Loose Leaf Journal

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I'm regularly creating tutorials so please follow my blog to get the latest updates.

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