Thursday 1 December 2016

What I do when I don't post here - Free Art Video (Daily Behind the Scenes Blog 4)

Hi lovely

This is my fourth daily blog behind the scenes post, you can view yesterdays (all about my new studio) here. I'm summing up what I've been up to lately all in one week! Today is about what I'm creating when I don't post here.

As I look down my blog articles for 2016 I feel the sparseness. I think back over other years when I posted a lot and realise I'm not posting much less now, it's just not always directly to here. I used to only have this blog and my youtube account, now I have many other places I post - mainly my art community and social media. Not this lovely old blogs fault, I should keep up sharing what's happening elsewhere on here so over today and tomorrow I'll just share two regular things I share on Journal Workshops.

As it is the first of the month today I'll share my video from the Monthly Challenge Group. This is a group where each month I pick one member of my communities suggestion and create an art challenge for my community, here's todays:

I'm sure many of you reading this are already members of the group (there are over 5,000 of you now) but if not you can join up here. What I love most about it is seeing all the pictures that come in, all of the different creations that occur through different hands and perspectives of the members of the group. Anyway here's the challenge:

Here are the linky links to those things mentioned in the video:
Rock Your Online Shop Class
Maker's Meet-Up Group -
21 Secrets 2015 Classes - (use the code 'RETIRE' you will get $30 off!)

Hope you enjoyed the video
see you tomorrow for the last (...may be!daily blog

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