Tuesday 3 May 2016

Finishing Your Art Journal Pages #2 ...Plus Other Videos

...The Art of Overwhelm

. This video particularly deals with the overwhelm of having too many art supplies to choose from, ever come across this?? Yeah me too, here's how I get over it, quickly...

Do you have any tricks for getting over this overwhelm? Or deal with any other kinds of overwhelm in art? (pst if it's to do with having too many ideas oh boy do I know that one! I did this video below to address that)


Yesterday I also posted the Monthly Challenge Video mentioned in the Finishing Your Art Journal Pages Video above which you can view here: 


If you're not a member of this Group it's a great place to be, and to be a part of it you just need to click the 'Join Monthly Challenge' Button at the top of the Monthly Challenge Group (http://journalworkshops.ning.com/group/monthly-challenge) & it'll let you in immediately (assuming you are a member of Journal Workshops, if not just sign up here: http://journalworkshops.ning.com/main/authorization/signUp? once I've approved your account you will get access to this, and a bunch of other free arty offerings, easy peasy!)

Hope to see you around there. 
Much love


  1. Wonderful video tutorial Jennibellie !! Thanks so much for sharing, it´s great ! Wish you a very happy day ! Big hugs. Caty.

  2. Thank you so much for the overwhelm video Jenny! You have put so many useful hints and tips in it and I am definitely going to try them out. I have not been around for a while (been overwhelmed!)but am now ready to dip back in to the creative pool. :)


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