Friday 27 March 2015

How I Create 'Big' Projects - Behind the Scenes Video

Hello my creative friends
Less of a ramble this week and more of a 'Behind the Scenes' kinda video for you this friday. It's the video I mentioned in my vlog last week, regarding how I create 'big' projects as I'm being asked more and more for help by artists with dreams of creating a project that they are feeling overwhelmed by. 

What I share here is not the right or only way to go about creating big projects, but these 3 techniques combined together help me deal with all points of bringing a project to life. The best I advice I can give regarding this is to create the right structures for yourself to help you stay on track when all the twists and turns show up (and they will). 

Birthing a big project isn’t always easy so if you are busy creating something big, beautiful and scary I wish you luck in finding your own way to make the journey understandable, easier and fun too. Here's the video:

Have a great weekend
I'm now off to pick a suggestion for our new


  1. OK I am just going to say it. Can you perhaps read minds? Cause I think you can. (chuckle!!!) My art needs to move to this cerebral level! I am a big organizer but have never actually organized my various art projects like this. THANK YOU JENNY, you have done it again! Perfect vid at the perfect time! THANK YOU!

  2. Hi jennibellie, I didn't ow where I should post this but I have not been receiving any of your newsletters and I signed up a couple months ago. I tried signing up again and it said my email was already signed up but I haven't received any newsletters :(

  3. I think she can read minds, Yes you read mine..
    Nice video,Thank You..

  4. Well, I need a nap! That wore me out just watching all that you keep up with. I love an appreciate you and all you do. I used to write out tutorials for graphics and it was a lot of work. I loved it but never got to the video stage. You are so fast! Even with all the planning and executing. I am not that fast.


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