Saturday 17 January 2015

Add Depth to Your Artwork with Pastels and Charcoal

Hi guys
I have a new video for you today =)

Last week I posted the picture below onto facebook and stated how much I have been enjoying working with pastels lately, and would anyone be interested in me sharing some techniques on it in a video...

to say the response was an overwhelming yes would not be an exaggeration. So here is a video in which I share the three ways I use pastels, and sometimes charcoal, in my artwork when this is the medium I want to work with, both for backgrounds and for focal images.

The three ways are:
sketchy look by simply drawing loosely with the media (as the above page displays)
smoky and grungy look by smudging the media
getting a painterly effect by wetting the media
& of course I suppose there's the fourth way of mixing these techniques together, as I do when I create the Brunette Venus image in the video.

I hope you enjoy it xxx

Much love


  1. I love the pastel techniques !!! Thanks for taking time to show it to us.

  2. I so enjoy watching you create with a variety of mediums and media, Jenny! Thank you for sharing. (((hugs))) for you and Sweepie! <3

  3. hi jenny! really enjoyed watching you create this page, and seeing all the other pages. i've always felt a little intimidated when it came to pastels-but you made it look fun-so i am eager to have some play with mine. thanks for sharing. love all the bracelets too :) hugs <3 jenny


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