Friday 3 October 2014

Weekly Ramble ~ All About Art Journaling

Hi guys
thanks for joining me today, my weekly ramble this week is all about the journal pages =)

First off my week started with the Monthly Art Journaling Challenge creation I did for our Journal Workshops Group, if you would like to join in, watch the videos, see others interpretations, chat and be part of a community you can do so here:

my challenge this month

I've also been making journal pages that are kinda in that 'what now' know what I mean? That stage where that background has been done to your liking and now you want a focal, but not sure yet what exactly it is you wanna do with it?

Like this evolution of a journal page here:

I have a couple of pages currently like this, just waiting for the next stage of their evolution. 

Oftentimes I sit down to art journal & the whole thing comes out in one go, other times it takes many segments - and while the impatient part of me could get quite frustration at that I try to recognise it as just one of my natural art journaling patterns, and allow my creativity to do as it desires and take the lessons from it that it allows me to notice.

Finally I did a little treat earlier in the week for my newsletter readers and gave them viewing of a private video I did a little while ago, I have since decided to share it with you, and the lovely Journal Workshops members for being so super awesome and reading this/being a part of my gorgeous community. I thought I have already made it, so I might as well share it as that's what I'm bestest at anyways =) So here you are if you haven't seen it via my newsletter. 
Have a happy & creative weekend, Jennibellie x


  1. I know exactly what you're talking about. I pretty much experience "what now" all the time....haha. I'm very thankful that I'm not bothered too much by it. I eventually decide what to do next....eventually.

  2. Jennibellie thank you for this 5 minute inspiration. I have made several little books out of greeting cards from your videos and had only gesso-ed them. When I saw your video tonight I decided I could do borders on each page of one of the books and I am pleased I did. Thanks for your generosity in sharing openly that you have the same blocks etc as we do

  3. That is great work for 5 minutes! :)


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