Friday 11 July 2014

Weekly Ramble #5 ~ The Importance of Space

Hello, weekly ramble this week is all about space, space, space.

A certain someone will fit in any space!

If you saw last weeks post you may have seen that I've been re-vamping my studio space. Last night I added some papercut style garlands:

 and tonight and I busy making a poster for my big fancy style frame (well the Ikea-fancy-chic anyway lol):

This past couple of weeks I've really noticed the importance of space, of being not only happy but inspired by your surroundings. 

Inspiration to create is something that I've struggled with in my outside studio since I've had it. It was more my time-out sanctuary, somewhere to chill-out and set myself back to neutral, which is all great but I've begun feeling the urge to create in there moving in gradually, and the changes I've made have been things to hopefully help me along with that - like completely re-arranging my supplies!

I think I've finally got there with revamps of this space, and after I've completed my new studio poster I think I'll do an updated Studio Tour video so you guys can see (because as I said when I did the one below it was fairly new and I hadn't properly moved-in the Jennibellie way I have and ahhhhhhhhh it feels good =) )

Thanks for reading
see you tomorrow (I may be posting the other of my travel art vids...maybe)


  1. As I am sorting & 're-organizing my stuff yet again, my husband says to me "you just like to rearrange". I think it is because I am looking for the perfect way, so I can be more productive. It is also a good to refresh your memory to what you have.

  2. I too, enjoy gemstones. I like your citrine geode piece and (I think) the tumbled hematite that's in the dish. ~The earth holds many treasures.
    Am glad you are enjoying your space more, now.

  3. Hi! What a beautiful craft space you have! I used to have a whole attic (top floor of a four bed house) in the country with a view of the surrounding fields in the country. Now I live in London in a two bed with two babies and craft in my kitchen! I can't wait to move! I have to put all my stuff away after crafting and having a baby around to look after doesn't give me a lot of time to spend on a project! Yes, having an inspiring craft space is important but having any space is a must! Yet, it doesn't hold me back at all. Feel free to have a browse around my blog, you could even join it if you like what you see and let me know your thoughts. :)
    I find your blogging and your art very inspiring and positive so keep up the good work! ;)
    Best wishes,
    Ingrid x

  4. Good Day,

    what a great craft space, full of colour and inspiration. Thanks:-)

    You are welcome at our blog: "A world of art", just pres my name.

    Enjoy the day.


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