Friday 6 June 2014

Weekly Ramble #1 ~ What's Happenin' Here/My Blogging Glass Slipper

So I’m being called to write a blogpost, but I have no topic…or rather I do have a topic, but the topic is to have no topic…you’ll see, hopefully.

So for a few days I have banged around this idea in my head, as I often do without actually thinking on it – meaning when I have something I want to do, but am so so busy focusing on other things that I can’t really dedicate time to it, my subconscious or whatever you may want to call it, creative-corner of the mind may be, takes it on and does the job for me. I won’t go into that too much further and make this a very long(er!) blogpost, I’ll just say that half my creative projects are ‘focused’ through into being, and many others can take years to develop but do so without me actually spending any effort on it, it just comes out one day BOOM & I have a fabulous new idea, start to the very finish, all ready to go and laid out before me. I’m sure I’m not the only one that does this! But in reference to what I am writing about now what came fully formed into my head was not an idea per say (well I guess it was as it created this new series) but it was mainly a (false) perception I had gathered that held me apart from writing this blogpost in the first place. 

To explain further I probably should say that I don’t often read blogs anymore, I unfortunately do not have the time, but when I do they are mostly in the personal development/spirituality area, and from this I have realised I have gained a false view of what blogging is to me. For instance the biggest part of this realisation is that most kinds of blogs only post when they have an ‘end product’ to share – ie for me that might be a new tutorial, or artist interview, or vlog, or something for my community Journal Workshops, and I have unwittingly adopted this style of blogging. And of course personal development/spirituality blogs are not the only category of blogs that do this, I’m not blaming any blog or areas of blogs for ‘putting’ this on me in anyway, as nearly EVERY blog does this, it really just comes down to the individual blogger within that field. But I’ve realised this is not what my value of blogging is, it is too much from a businessy kind of perspective, as even the most spiritual blogs I follow are often still doing it to drive sales, which is fine, but my version true of blogging is not just about the ‘end product’. 

The next part of this realisation i.e what blogging does actually mean to me came into my head at the same time as the above, and that is that blogging is EXACTLY the same as what I repeat over and over in regards to art --- that it is the process, not the end result where the value often is found. So me disappearing from this blog, to create something, and then popping back up when I have a ‘proper finished product’ is really backwards, and against the essence of why I started blogging. Blogging to me is a log, it IS the process. And it is often the mess, the trials, the solutions and the efforts that happen during a project that provide the most value in being shared to another artist, not just the final offering. So here, for probably around a month to see how I get on with this, I am going to share weekly rambles of what I am currently creating (or focus on a certain aspect of it anyway) or perhaps what is currently on my creative mind, or the triumphs or tribulations that are happening in that moment and so on to find my blogging shoes again, my real ones, the ones that belong entirely to me & will only fit my feet exactly. My blogging glass slipper.

So I guess I'll see you next week =)
and apologies to anyone who missed TAT being posted this week, as I briefly said in this post I have been so so busy that Tuesday came and went without me even realising, the reasons for which may be the topic of the next weekly ramble...I dunno, as per the point we'll see when we get there =)


  1. I just found your blog and I'm glad you found your glass slipper. I agree. I blog for myself and the whole process. While I like to learn things I am also interested in the process. Dance away! ;) I'm following!

  2. I am looking forward to seeing where your glass slipper takes you! I too love the process...the journey is my favorite part!

  3. The process is half the fun. I'm looking forward to the "ramblings"

  4. I agree, Jennibellie - the journey's the thing! That's why I nearly always describe the whole process of a project and don't show the finished result until the end. I learn far more from blogs that do this, and I'm always fascinated to see the project emerging from the raw materials.


  5. love, love, love the weekly ramble idea!! and yes, absolute - YOU'RE the one who has shown me so much how to start feeling comfortable.. well, somewhat comfortable - with process. So, yeah! Hooray!

  6. I look forward to more of these blog posts! The chatting about whatever is happening are my favorite posts to read, actually, and most of the blogs I follow are done that way. They are more intimate and personal--like a chat over a cuppa or a handwritten letter or a phone chat to me. Not that I don't follow some that are just end result and sales oriented blogs, mind you. But then you just stop by to learn a technique or get an idea and you don't feel like you are visiting with or getting to actually meet the person behind the agenda, you know? Your online presence is not that impersonal, but I love the glimpses where I can get to know you better--the person behind the art. What a wonderful Idea! Look forward to the next chatty post. :)

  7. I so agree with the other comments. I like seeing /reading about the journey and the learning experience that you are working through, and not just the end results. So, I'm glad your new slippers are glass for all to see. Lov ya and kiss sweepiebum for me.

  8. This seems freeing for you Jenni, as well as more organic. Instead od feeling pressured to have a project with a video all polished up and ready to go we get to see how the project comes about.

  9. I have been happily following you with your videos for a couple of years and look forward to your new journey of sharing what you love.


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