Friday, 11 April 2014

Messy Monochrome: Art Journal Page Process Video

Hi guys

At the beginning of the month I shared a video in the new Monthly Challenge Group I have set up on Journal Workshops, which is what is says on the tin: once a month we have a new prompt to create a piece (or pieces) of art based upon the given challenge. It has been an *awesome* group so far - really, really incredible. 

Soooooo many people have created art based upon this prompt of Messy Monochrome, it's truly inspiring. So I thought I would publish this first video further a far so others can see if they wish to join in with the group fun. I won't be making challenge videos every single month but I won't necessarily publish any videos I do create outside of the group either, so with that & all of the other great reasons - like all the wonderful community encouragement, inspiring art to drool over and the vast difference everyone's take on the same prompt can be - it seems silly not to join ;)

Enjoy the video
Come sign up here

Much love


  1. Very nice, and complicated, journal page Jenny. I love the layers over layers. Wish I had more time for art cards and such. Hope your weekend is a lovely, sunny one.

  2. Gorgeous !
    What king of marker do you use over gesso ? Everytime I write with a marker over gesso, I just have to throw it away, it does'nt work any more.


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