Saturday 16 March 2013

DIY Recycled Stackable Pots Tutorial

Hey guys, I've a quick DIY tutorial for you today, Lord knows why I never thought to do this before, as I have saved pots of all kinds for years for my 'crafters obligatory' bits & pieces. However doing this simple DIY makes them soooooooo much easier to keep track of, especially as you can categorize them nicely. 

How to:
What you will first need is pots to recycle, of the same size and shape & with lids that will fit happily onto/into the base of another. I'm using pots my natural cosmetics come in as it's very strong plastic, however if you do not have pots like this here are some alternatives I quickly found in my bathroom & kitchen:
Condements pot from my local takeaway & facewash/moisturiser pot from Lush (if you can stand not getting you're free facemask that is!)
Take a look at what you or your friends/family members have; they'll definitely be something, somewhere you can use!

First wash & dry your pots:
remember to pull off any stickers

Next apply strong glue (if you have a glue gun I'd recommend using that) to the top of one pot, then the bottom of another:

Join them together, add as much pressure as possible to make sure any excess air is pushed out:
...obviously try to make them as evenly straight as possible.

While you're waiting for it to completely dry take a piece of scrap and cut a label for the top:
Luckily my circle punch is the *exact* fit for these pots, if yours isn't a hand-cut circle/shape just adds more of your own special touch to it =)

I then label what's in there, and I also like add a little inventory of my bits to the top too, so I can see at a glance exactly what I have in there:
and that's it! Super simple, eco-friendly craft storage. 

Happy weekend and ta-ta for now, 
love Jennibellie =)


  1. Very pretty and great tutorial :)
    Thanks for sharing, Connie

  2. THAT is brilliant!! Clever girl you!! Sure beats what I'm using in both design and style!

  3. GREAT idea Jenni! and have load of pots so know what they will come in useful for now!

  4. oh my this DIY project is adorable and useful!!! We can all use a pretty, effective storage space for all goodies.

  5. This is such a great idea.
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. What a neat idea! I'm a sucker for little this is great! :)

  7. Very cool Love how use for this creation is. TFS Hugs, Linda

  8. You amaze me with your ideas! Thanks for sharing and have a fantastic day.

  9. Ganz toole Idee, mal schauen, ob ich geeignete Döschen finde....vielen Dank für`s zeigen ♥ Conny

  10. This is a neat idea. Can't wait to try it.


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