Friday 7 December 2012

Eco-friendly Bejeweled Bauble Tutorial

I think this post just need to start with that because I am sooooo happy that this tut is done & ready to be turned into Beautiful Baubles that'll hang proudly on (hopefully) many a Christmas tree =)
If you know me you know I get really excited when I know I've made something that's not only beautiful, but also functional and lastly something that is eco-friendly as well ~  well these Baubles encompass all those things so I couldn't be more delighted with them.
What tops it off even further is I know me creating these and showing how they're made will prompt more good use for things that are bad for our environment ~ so if you like them please consider making these beauties too before you throw out any plastic! Just consider the happy faces that could be seen on Christmas day if you give someone special one of these beautiful baubles as a gift, with all your handmade love visible within it. 

By the way Mama HAPPY CHRISTMAS, seeing these beauties are yours ;)
My mum (otherwise known as Mama or Mumsie), been determined to get her pic
on this blog at some point for whatever reason mwaaah haaa haaa ;)

So without further ado here is the tutorial, 
my Christmas gift to you ~ all the wonderful people 
that have made my 2012 a lovely year to be online =)

Much love, Jennibellie xxx


  1. Hi Jennibelle. Wonderful tutorial. Just excellent and you've given me ideas. thank you for that. Great picture of your Mom and you. Happy Holidays.

  2. Love your video on the Baubles!!! Not sure if I have any bubble wrap around, but I'm sure I can make do with what I have! Just love it!!! Thanks so much for sharing!!! They are SO pretty!!!! Love your blog!!!

  3. Love your video on the Baubles!!! Not sure if I have any bubble wrap around, but I'll figure something out! They are so beautiful!!! Love your blog!

  4. Awesome idea!! And thanks a lot for sharing !! All my best.

  5. This is an awesome tutorial, thank you very much for the inspiration! I love your work & innovative ideas!!

  6. A wonderful tutorial! I LOVE making things like this! :)

  7. Absolutely beautiful, like you! I'm from Michigan (US), and I get so much enjoyment from your posts. Love the fact that you recycle so much junk instead of just going out and buying a bag of styrofoam balls (in this case) or something unnecessary. Keep up all your happiness, please. We really appreciate it.

  8. Just wrote this gooey, wonderful praise of your posts, and it went to cyber-nowhere after I chose a stupid account. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Love your tute's. THis one is awesome and beautiful, as you are. Your happiness shines through all your posts, and I get so much good from you. I'm from Michigan (US), and it's getting pretty cold/Christmas'y now. Bless your family, and Merry Christmas.

  9. Love these Baubles Jenni. They are very awsome. Beautiful work.
    lovely greet and nice weekend

  10. I like! I can see even using this on art journal covers, to encrust them with are so inspirational Jenni! TY!!!

  11. wow thank you for this wonderful idea! I do keep alot of the stuff in my house, since my parents don't recycle. but you give me some many ideas of what to do with all that stuff!

  12. I just found your blog and I l♥♥♥♥♥♥ve it.
    I don't know what to watch first, you create such wonderful things...
    You're so inspirational, thank you so much for sharing!

  13. Mom wants everyone to know that SHE is the one who raised such a lovely person that the whole world adores!!!

    I know you're a 'no-reply' commenter...but wanted to let you know that I did reply to your sweetest of all compliment...

    Thank you my Jennibellie!!!It is SO good to hear from you!!! I now own an Apple and Safari doesn't allow me to open about 90% of the videos that I attempt to open. I'm not really too keen on adding Chrome or Firefox and will take it to the Apple Store when we go to the States next month to see if they can fix it. Then, I will spend lots of time catching up on all your videos!!! I do read the blog most times, but I'm terrible about leaving comments. Too many projects to work on. I miss you though and again...just as happy as pie to hear from you.

    love, peace and all things groovy...

  14. These are so beautiful. Thanks so much for showing us how you did it, you never cease to inspire!

  15. In our family we make decorations as part of a tradition, in fact my Mom still has the ones i made from my first year (yeah, they were black hehehe). I like that you use pieces of broken jewellery from your past, each piece that you add, to me, seems to speak to the provenance of the artwork, and the importance of the holiday as one that evokes treasured memories.

  16. A great way to cheer somebody up with such a present! Here are some other ideas:
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