Saturday 10 March 2012

Acrylic Blue Woman

Hello blogland! I'm alive (in case anyone on earth wondered where I got to...probably not lol), last weekend as a belated birthday thing I went to stay with my bff in another county, all arranged to have a wonderful time and once there got really sick, typical right? So I've not been creating since, and spending most of my time in bed instead, but now feeling much better & as a throwback into journaling I painted this:
I wasn't feeling like doing much so was really shocked that by the end of the day, I had been really productive. I ended up liking it so much that today I put the image on my new business cards, which I have needed for a while but hate creating them (well actually no I like creating them, what I hate is all the 'extras' they place on the order making a £8 bunch of cards go up to £45 but anyhow I digress...)  Don't you just love it when only a simple hour of journaling, done without any premeditation of what's coming, churns out something you really like? It's since sparked more painting of acrylics, I love the 'no cleaning your brush' technique I'm doing! I also recorded the process of this page and created a video:

Later note: Unfortunately Blogger & Youtube are not playing ball so I cannot embed the video here (blogger is not acknowledging any new-ish videos on youtube, stupid really considering they are both Google owned!). I've had this post written for 2 days - just waiting for Blogger to wake up a bit grrrrr, but enough waiting let's post dammit!!!

Hoping this week to get back into the blog & online flow, thanks so much for stopping by, much love Jennibellie :)

PS I've updated the Journaling Videos page so you can catch up if you've been meaning to, they're all there yay! finally!...well except for the new ones I that aren't embedding that is  :)


  1. O_O It is really really cool you're acrylic blue woman! I love the attitude of the woman :D
    I liked a lot to watch your video.
    thanks for spending your time with the posts and the videos. I think this is great and very generous. hugs!

  2. Blue Woman is FABulous!!! You must slow down with the videos - I can't keep up. No...never mind...I love them so much...and I'll catch up one of these days. Glad you're feeling better. You must have been sick because I missed your birthday. Happy, Happy, Wonderful, Belated Birthday to you! I'm singing!

  3. Strong and vibrant blue woman, no cleaning the brush is a great way to see what shows up. Happy Birthday, feel right as rain soon! xox Corrine

  4. I follow your youtube site so I saw this and it's great!
    So sorry you haven't been feeling well, though. Hope you're back up to snuff soon and feeling chipper. :)

    This is an outstanding painting.
    Great video... thank you for sharing. :]
    Sorry you were not feeling well, do wish you well.

  6. Loving the blue woman! She'll be perfect for business cards. <3

    I'm sorry you've been sick! *Sigh.* I got sick on my last trip, too, actually. Germs should know better than to mess with people's travel plans.

  7. LOVE your Acrylic Blue Woman! Great video too. Sorry you were under the weather. Seems like everyone is lately. Hope you’re back to yourself soon!

  8. I watched your blue woman video yesterday - awesome! I so wish I was confident with paints (and as good at it!!) as you are! Hope you're feeling better and getting back into the swing of things :)

  9. WOW that is beautiful! Do you ever make work on canvas? -xo

  10. Love her! I just watched the video and also loved watching you create her. I really like all the shades of blue - so cool!! Hope you are feeling 100% soon!

  11. Haven't had chance to watch the video, but the pictures are fab on their own.

    And you're right, there's something uplifting about creating when you're not really in the mood - I was the same this weekend :)


  12. Excited to see there is a video with this! Just watched your cereal box tutorial again and I have FINISHED my first cereal box art journal. Actually, I made it out of cat food boxes donated by my friend's kitty, Dorabella.
    Taking pics today since it is warm and sunny here in Richmond VA.
    Thanks for sharing your art and time with the world Jenni. You are a gift!

  13. Just found your gorgeous blog,love it ,youre soo talented,will pop back often
    X Manda X

  14. Well, actually I did wonder what happened to you. ;-) Too bad you got sick at a time when you should have been enjoying yourself extra much. I love the blue woman and the lettering alongside her too. That should make amazing business cards!

  15. Jennibellie!! Welcome back. :-)
    i LOVE LOVE LOVE your blue woman!! It's amazing... You know how much i love figurative work. It's beautiful. Glad to see your work again - hope you're feeling better. xoxo


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